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feminine healing

Reawakening women to their radiance, power, and femininity with love and grace.

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Receive this beautifully crafted and easy to use Menstrual Cycle Tracker when you sign up to be a part of my monthly newsletter community!  The tracker illuminates your feminine cycle and how it aligns with the moon each month while providing further insights into your feminine wellbeing.


I have had the pleasure of having a few services provide by Meriah. Her calm and welcoming nature make you feel comfortable immediately. Her genuine care and passion for what she does are evident soon after you start speaking with her. She is patient, informative and made this card reading so enjoyable. She trusts her instincts and explains things clearly. Her genuine love to helping others by means of her different forms of learning is obvious. She is wonderful at what she does and I highly recommend her and her services.

– Cheryl

I can happily say I had the pleasure of Meriah doing a beautiful reading for me. The card deck and spread she chose aligned in more ways than expected. She has a beautiful soft energy to share and I definitely look forward to connecting with her more.

– Tracey Fisher

I recently had a tarot [Oracle] reading done for me by Meriah. The experience far exceeded what I’d hoped for. It was deeply impactful. It gave me concrete things to look at and work with. Meriah has a soft strength that creates safety and trust. Her clear intention of highest good is evident and her intuitive wisdom is clear.  I highly recommend Meriah!

– Kelly King

Having a Womb Blessing by Meriah was a wonderful experience. I did not know what to expect when I arrived and after the ritual was done, I felt a tranquil and empowering energy going through my body. Meriah is a professional and she makes you feel comfortable at all times at the same time and explaining what will happen at every point during the ritual. I would love to go back to Meriah and I would highly recommend any of the services she offers.

– Alexis Ampudia

Meriah is such a gentle and nourishing woman. She healed me, blessed me and fed me a gorgeous meal. I was indeed in need of healing and this was a generous and beautiful gift. If anyone feels they need healing in this area, this woman is the one you need to seek. 💖 I was indeed blessed and grateful.

What a beautiful experience that I will forever cherish. And as a healer myself, I knew I could trust this beautiful soul.

My heart is forever grateful. And it was beautiful to be on the receiving end. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

– Lindsay Gallant

My Womb Blessing was a very uplifting experience infused with an abundance of love, healing and rejuvenation. This blessing brought me awareness regarding blocks in my life and re-aligned me with my higher purpose.

– Kayla Brauner


I’m Meriah, a Feminine Wellness Guide here in Calgary, Alberta.  You may be wondering ~ what does a Feminine Wellness Guide do? Allow me to give you some insight into what I offer.

Feminine wellness is more than just our monthly period.  Feminine wellness a holistic approach to how we, as women, show up in the  world.  It begins by slowly and gracefully undoing the patriarchal ties that  we have lived with for centuries ~ and embracing a more feminine way of BEing.

I can teach you about the ancient practice of yoni steaming.  I can teach you about the gifts of our menstrual cycle and how the Goddess is present within each and every one of us.  I offer the powerful Womb Blessing and work with the feminine and lunar energies of the Moon.  We can work together and provide your teenage daughter with a unique ‘First Period Pack’ to celebrate and honour her important Rite of Passage.

So please, get comfy and dive into my website a little deeper.  You are welcome here!



The age-old art of vaginal steaming can help to bring your womb back to the blissful state it is meant to be in.  This herbal holistic approach to your reproductive care is peaceful, calming, and restorative.

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