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The Womb Blessing path is a beautiful system of female energy awakening, transformation, and healing. This consists of the 5 Worldwide Womb Blessings each year by Miranda Gray and the Moon Mothers, as well as individual Womb Blessing attunements and Womb Healings.

There are many loving aspects to the benefits of receiving this Divine Feminine energy. It truly is an awakening. An awakening of increased understanding in one’s femininity and our path in life; thereby giving us the courage to express our authentic nature. It can awaken repressed and dormant aspects of our four female archetypes. Women awaken to a deeper awareness of the Divine Feminine.

Additional gifts of the Womb Blessing attunement include the clearing of old patterns and blocks, which I can personally attest to. I will write a separate post to describe my own personal experience with my Attunement. These Blessings can also help to heal the deep patterns of a woman’s ancestry and past, which we just focused on in the October Worldwide Womb Blessing. While healing the mother ancestry, we welcomed the Crone archetype. This was quite a profound exercise for me; creating dolls to represent my mother, my grandmother, and myself. The meditation around it was beautiful and powerful.

The Womb Blessing can energize the womb energy center, returning depleted energy and bringing completeness, while also grounding the woman more deeply in her relationship with the Earth and the Earth Mother. And finally, the Blessing brings increasing self-empowerment and a sense of peace, self acceptance, and self love. Beautiful.

What does a personal Womb Blessing feel like you may wonder? While every woman’s experience is unique to her, there are many things we may have in common. During the Blessing women can experience the energy as heat or cold. Some women see colors or scenes, while others feel deep peace or love. There may be tears of release or there may not. Some women can feel physical sensations in their womb and ovaries (even if they no longer have a cycle or a womb). Afterwards some women can feel energized while some women may feel tired and want to sleep.

What happens after the Womb Blessing? Ah, well. That is when the real work begins! During the month following the Blessing, the energy will continue to heal and release old and unwanted patterns as it flows through the 4 female archetypes. These patterns may be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. We can never guess exactly what changes will occur, we just must trust that it will be in divine accordance with the Divine Feminine.

Some women, such as myself, may feel more emotional during the month following their first Womb Blessing. This is completely normal as the emotional body integrates the energy. Some women, again, such as myself, may feel more tired in the month that follows. Again, completely normal as the physical body is also integrating the energy changes made during the Blessing.

One common experience can be slight womb cramping, whether the Receiver has a womb or a cycle or not. There may also be a slight change in the woman’s cycle after her first Womb Blessing; her menstrual cycle may come a little earlier or a little later as it adjusts slightly to the cycle of the moon. This is important to note if you are following a natural rhythm method of contraception.

A woman can receive a Womb Blessing once every calendar month if she wishes. A pregnant woman can receive the Blessing up until halfway through her pregnancy. A young girl needs to have had her first menstruation before being able to receive the Blessing (although, she can receive Womb Healings).

Receiving regular Womb Blessings attunements helps us to stay connected to the newly awakened aspects of our authentic nature in a world that constantly threatens to disconnect us. It helps us to continue to feel the pleasure, happiness, and well-being that comes from living in harmony with our authentic nature.

I am so looking forward to walking this path with you.


In Purity & Grace,

Meriah Theresa