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Last week I hosted my first gathering for a Worldwide Womb Blessing. It was super exciting for me! The only other gathering of women I had ever committed to before was for chocolate martinis in my old cozy apartment in Fort St John, BC. This was many years ago … but I still reflect on those nights with love! Anyway, a slightly different vibe and event for this most recent full moon night in October.

One of my friends decided to come a little bit early, right after she was finished at work. As we were waiting for the other ladies to arrive, she asked me – so, what exactly is a Moon Mother? Hmm, good question Anissa!

The practical definition of a Moon Mother is a woman who has taken the “Moon Mother Initiation” personally from Miranda Gray at a Womb Blessing Training Workshop. This raises her to the higher vibrational level required for her to give the transformative Womb Blessing Attunement in person to another person.

Honestly, when I first came across the training workshop, the idea of becoming a Moon Mother was utterly and powerfully appealing! I am a sun sign Cancer and fit that description to a tee. I am a total homebody and love to make my surroundings cozy and inviting. Cancerians are naturally very nurturing and tender ~ the only thing that’s missing in my life, from a Cancer’s point of view, is children! I have my cat Honey, and my loving partner Will, but I knew that becoming a Moon Mother and being able to help other women would be filling a hollow space within myself, like drinking a cup of sacred water. I felt it in my entire being!

As a Moon Mother, I care deeply for the women who come to seek me. I accept and validate the four female archetypes within myself and within you. I intend to interact in all relationships with love, kindness, understanding, and compassion. I understand that I will also grow and change as I walk the path of being a Moon Mother.

Moon Mothers:

~ Are able to give the Womb Blessing Attunement as a way to raise another woman’s vibration, deepen her connection to the Divine Feminine, and bring healing and sacredness to her femininity. Receiving a Womb Blessing from a Moon Mother can be a healing, a rite of passage, stress relief, a return to who you are, and a path of personal or spiritual development and devotion.


~ Are able to give the supportive hands-on Womb Healing which works specifically to heal the three main female energy centers and the four female archetypes.


~ Help to channel the Divine Feminine with Miranda Gray during the 5 Worldwide Womb Blessings each year.


So you see, being a Moon Mother is a choice for bringing the spiritual energies of the Divine Feminine into every day life. It is connecting women in a loving, spiritual community. It is being able to support women on a deeper level. It enables me to find more connection within my own life! I am grateful to be on this path.

In Purity & Grace,

Meriah Theresa