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The title alone is beautiful.  But I know that for a lot of women this may be a new concept altogether. Often, when we think of our menstrual cycle, a gift may be the last thing we consider! This is why I am so happy to share today the benefits of each phase of our feminine cycle.

First, let me break down our monthly feminine cycle.  The two phases that get the most attention are; obviously when we actually bleed – our menses.  And the phase right before that, commonly known as the PMS phase.  But there are actually two more important phases that occur each month as a part of the whole cycle.  These are; the phase that occurs after we have our period as well as the phase occurring at ovulation; the follicular and ovulation phase, respectfully. 

Interestingly, these phases can be further relabeled in a divinely feminine way to represent the natural and cyclic progression that a woman embodies each month.  Maiden, Mother, Enchantress, and Crone are commonly used to refer to the different phases. This is where you will find the gifts of the menstrual cycle. 

The Maiden phase.  This corresponds to the Follicular phase that occurs just after menstruation is finished.  Similar to a young maiden, think of ESTROGEN here.  This is a week of reawakening after your sweet slumber of menstruation.  Your estrogen is building again and it makes you feel GOOD!  The gift? Estrogen is the best beauty tool we have – it is responsible for plumping and moisturizing our skin, hair, lips; it even makes us appear more symmetrical.  This is all happening for us to be more attractive to the opposite sex for procreation – pretty cool, right!

The Mother phase.  This phase relates to – you guessed it! Ovulation.  Ovulation occurs midcycle, ideally around day 13-15 of your cycle.  During this week you are generally feeling GREAT! You are social and full of energy.  In fact, your energy is so great that this can be an excellent time for exercise.  You may notice that your performance is at its best this time of the month.  Again, because this is the high point of estrogen, you are very lubricated at this point of your cycle and your nectar is plentiful and slippery!  You are most fertile here.

The Enchantress phase.  I must say, learning the gifts that the traditional ‘PMS’ phase offers have literally changed my entire perspective about the pre-menstrual phase.  What used to be my least favorite time of the month has become something I continually learn from and embrace.  The biggest gift here is that we shown what is NOT working for us and where we might need to put up some healthy boundaries. You will find clarity and an opportunity to create better frameworks for yourself.  The gift is in recognizing what is coming up and acknowledging what is surfacing.  In this, we have the opportunity to get rid of what no longer serves us.  It is the things that aren’t working in your life that become apparent during this time – so it is important to acknowledge these things!

The Crone phase.  This phase corresponds with our actually bleeding days; menstruation.  The biggest gift here is our pure womanhood! We have a miracle that happens in our bodies EVERY MONTH! Within us, we have the ability to create and sustain LIFE! That alone is such a gift! We are special, ladies – uniquely, divinely, blessed! (Ok … I sometimes can get a little passionate about it haha … Now, on to the promised gift!)  The gift of this phase is the gift of rest.  Our hormones are low, our energy is low and this is because our body is asking for rest while the cleanse of the period happens.  We can honor this by asking for help from our peers, partner, or kids (perhaps someone can make a meal or pick up some extra chores).  Also, by planning ahead we can ensure that our calendar is less busy.  Creativity is at a high.  Figure out what your creative outlet is (or might) be and set aside some time to nurture it.

I hope that I have possibly given you a new way of looking at your cycle.  This is actually just a little tiny taste of the magic found here! There is so much richness to share around this topic and I will keep bringing it to you.  In the meantime, please share this information with your daughters, with your friends.  Together, we can change the outlook of the menstrual cycle from ‘the curse’ to ‘the gifts of’.

Thank you for reading!

 Blessings to you as you remember your strength, beauty, and inner light.

Meriah Theresa