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We hear it all the time – drink more water!  However, drinking 8+ glasses of water can be challenging for some.  My goal with this blog today is to explain why water is so important and to provide you with some practical and exciting ways to drink more of it.

I am sure that many of you know that we are composed of at least 60% water.  That’s right, 60% of this physical body we reside in is water!  Water, in fact, is the primary component of all our bodily fluids.  Our blood, lymph, urine, digestive juices, tears, AND our sweat – all composed of water.  That being said, water is also involved in nearly every bodily function. Circulation, menstruation, digestion, absorption, and even elimination of wastes all require water as a medium.  Without enough water we basically dry ourselves out – aka dehydration.

Now that we understand why water is so important the next thing is how can we include more of it in our daily lives? For me, I had a huge revelation about water years and years ago at a spa, of all places!  As I was getting ready for my treatment, an attendant came over with a pitcher of cucumber water and offered me a drink.  I’ll never forget it; it was a big glass pitcher and it had beautiful slices of cucumber floating in it.  Now this may date me but at that time I had honestly never seen anything like it! Cucumber in water … as I said, it was a revelation!  It made such an impact on me that I can still remember the smell, the mild delicious taste, and the all-around sensation of drinking this ‘spa water’.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven and I hadn’t even stepped into my treatment room yet!

Since that mind-expanding day at the spa, I have definitely evolved! Naturally flavouring my water is no longer something I enjoy on special occasions rather it is something I often have beside me.  During these cold winter months, my favorite go to is hot water with fresh ginger and a slice of lemon.  So good. 

At the original time of writing this blog back in 2016 I was very much into cucumber and lemon.  I had a glass pitcher in the fridge at all times!  Each time I would pour myself a glass, I would refill it and use the same pitcher for a day or two before starting it with fresh fruit, vegetables and water.  A note here is on using organic whenever possible – especially because these fruits/veggies are sitting and soaking in your water – you don’t want to be drinking pesticides, for sure.

Another simple trick to drinking more water is by getting yourself a large glass mason jar; the big four-cup one.  Let that accompany you for the day.  Drink one in the morning and refill for the afternoon.  There are your eight cups.  Not only is this environmentally friendly, it is also far less expensive than using plastic water bottles. 

I hope you have found some tips to nourish your body with more water, nature’s perfect substance!

Here are a few more ideas to keep your water interesting and healthy:

  • Ginger, lemon, and unpasteurized honey in hot water
  • Grapefruit and rosemary
  • Strawberries and mint
  • Raspberries and lemon

Blessings to you as you remember your strength, beauty, and inner light.

Meriah Theresa