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As promised, here is the blog sequel to Yoni Steaming for Trauma and why I use wildflowers in my treatments when addressing trauma held in womb, vagina, cervix, and reproductive parts.

This summer is off to a great start; it has been an abundant season for the Wild Roses (Rosa Acicularis) and now, at the beginning of July, the Fireweed (Chamaenerion Angustifolium) are beginning to bloom and share their beauty.

For the past few years, I have had the honour of living and spending time in areas that are rich with both of these wild flowers.  My relationship with these flowers have slowly blossomed over time.  It began with simply noticing and appreciating their exquisite beauty.  Smelling the roses as I walked by or softly caressing a lush green fireweed leaf. 

I soon learned that both of these flowers and their parts are edible.  A revelation! I then began to ask the flower if I could taste a petal and she agreed.  So, during my walks I could admire their beauty with my eyes, smell their intoxicating fragrance with my nose, and taste their sweet petals with my mouth.  Our relationship was deepening. 

Both of these flowers, especially Fireweed, began to regularly come to my dreams.  After I began dreaming about them, I set out to make their flower essences and work with their energetic plant medicine.  Flower essences can be taken daily with water or tea.

This year, I feel drawn to incorporate the flowers into my yoni steaming treatments. 

Around the same time that the Wild Roses began to open, I had set the intention to begin to use yoni steaming to consciously release trauma held in my cervix.  I quickly realized that many of us women are holding our own distinct trauma, whether it be medical procedure, miscarriage, sexual abuse, rape, and so forth.  So, for the next few weeks I was busy in the flower patch (AKA the mountain ridges) collecting petals to dry for future use.   

Often in Nature, a helpful plant can resemble the area of the human body that they can help.  The Rose, with her heart-shaped petals coincide with the heart.  Rose is known to help with grief, apathy, and trauma.  Rose can also help with trust issues which is often a side effect of heavy trauma.  Interestingly, rose petals are uplifting and calming for the nervous system and they have an affinity for the feminine reproductive system (I use organic Rosa centifolia in many of my yoni steam herbal blends).

With all of this being said, it makes perfect sense for me to use Wild Rose in some steam treatments.  The action of the wild rose is gentler than the more robust Rosa centifolia and safe to use in small amounts.  You can also incorporate the wild rose petals in your tea and in baths, or make what is called a summer tea by simply infusing your pitcher of water in the sunshine for a few hours, strain and drink.

The thing is, when you work with plant medicine you must be open to their mysterious ways.  Working with these flowers is gentle and subtle.  They are energetic.  For example, shortly after beginning my yoni steam work with Wild Rose, I was guided to a healer for more even more trauma release work.  

Also, working in the past with Fireweed showed me some interesting external signs that made my stagnant energy move in the form of tears that would not come previously.  It is good practice to remain open-minded and enter the healing relationship with the flower with as much of an open heart as you can.

The lovely Fireweed is another plant that can really help us to overcome and heal from trauma.  In very straightforward terms, Fireweed IS the first sign of beauty after trauma to the land.  Fireweed aptly got its name because it is the first plant to grow after a wild fire.  These days there are other traumas to land such as forestry and cut blocks.  Again, give this land a bit of time and it will be abundant with these beautiful pink/purple flowers.

Fireweed is known to help to ground us, to reestablish our connection with the earth. This can be especially important when dealing with trauma because when we feel grounded we feel safe and can actively accept restoration and nourishment.

Fireweed holds hope and promise.  It is beauty among the ash.  And, it can help us to find our way past our own darkness and back into the light of the sun.

When we use these potent flowers as a part of your yoni steam process, their medicine is quite literally saturating your tissues, vagina, cervix, and womb.  This can be a powerful release, especially when guided and used with intention.

I believe that Mother Earth is calling us back to herself through the flowers, trees, and plants.  These loving beings wish to help us, to heal us, and to see us expanded and grow.

If working with yoni steaming and wildflowers is calling to you, please be in touch for a free call.  I’ve felt incredibly compelled to collect and dry these flowers to work with myself and others for healing trauma.  We can work together in person or remotely.  I would love to support you.

Blessings to you as you remember your strength, beauty, and inner light.

Meriah Theresa

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