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As I was thinking of a title for this month’s topic, I was remembering the old saying of – love, sex, and rock n’ roll.   Haha, it took me a few minutes before I realized the saying was actually “drugs, sex, and rock n’ roll” but I like ‘love’ better so I’m rolling with it!

Over the past six months there has been an interesting rise in curiosity with the women I talk to – they want to know if yoni steaming can enhance their sex lives.  And the answer is YES! Yoni steaming definitely has a place in (and out) of the bedroom. 

In this blog I will touch on how we can use yoni steam as a part of our foreplay (yes, that’s right!) as well as how and why we would use steam post-intercourse.  I will touch on some anatomy and how steaming can increase our natural lubrication – and heighten our orgasms!

To begin with, I would like to touch on the ‘love’ part of the title.  While we are steaming, the steam actually touches the cervix which is connected to the vagus nerve.  This may stimulate the production of oxytocin, the hormone which is also known as … the love hormone.  This feel-good hormone promotes feelings of connection and positive emotion.  Therefore, making time to have a yoni steam prior to lovemaking can be very beneficial for an intimate experience with your partner.

And there’s more! Using a yoni steam before sexual intercourse is similar to foreplay in that the steam is warming, circulating, and stimulating.  If you think of all the things we do during foreplay – kissing, touching, massaging – these are all things that create warmth and circulation.  Hence, sitting down to a warm and fragrant yoni steam can really bring attention and energy to the vagina and in essence, prime the area before anything else is done!

This leads me to the Bartholin glands.  These important glands are located on each side of the vaginal opening and secrete fluid that help to lubricate the vagina.  Again, keeping in mind that yoni steaming brings circulation to this area of the body, it is no surprise that these glands are also affected in a positive way.  Not only does using yoni steaming pre-intercourse help to intensify our orgasms, it may also result in the phenomenon known as female ejaculation and I believe that this is all due to the Bartholin glands being stimulated beforehand in the natural way of gentle steam. 

An additional facet of yoni steaming that may have a positive effect on our natural lubrication is steaming with appropriate and moisturizing herbs.  Nettle, for example, is very moisturizing and is included in almost all of my herbal blends.

When incorporating a yoni steam as a part of your foreplay routine, I encourage you ladies to go all out! Create a sensual experience for yourself – light some candles, play some sultry music, have some chocolate or strawberries or both! Delight your senses.  Invite your partner in to share the experience with you – perhaps they can massage your back with some scented massage oil – or feed you strawberries! Have fun, be playful 😊

Moving on to using a yoni steam as a part of our post-sex routine.  As always, stick to the old adage of peeing after sex which is said to help prevent urinary tract infections.  But we can go even further and actually steam.  The practice of steaming can be done to help the body drain any semen left inside us and leaves us feeling fresh and clean after intercourse.  This is a great practice for anyone prone to yeast or BV infections as the steam is cleansing.  Yoni steaming just feels so good it can be a nice way to end your romantic interlude!

This blog wouldn’t be complete without mentioning my Sultry Bliss yoni steam blend of herbs! Full of aphrodisiac flowers and herbs such as  Blue Lotus Flower, Damiana and Schisandra Berry, it is sure to be the icing on the cake while using yoni steaming as a part of your foreplay experience.

Happy and seductive steaming ladies!

Blessings to you as you remember your strength, beauty, and inner light.

Meriah Theresa

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