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I will never forget my first experience of receiving an AromaTouch.  It was last Summer and my beautiful friend and mentor came to my home to give me the essential oil treatment.  I had never experienced anything quite like it and when she got down to my feet and began using her thumbs to systematically press into every inch of the bottom of my foot I was seriously in heaven!

I knew right then that this was something that I wanted to learn so that I could share this amazing gift of wellbeing with others.  Because there is something very special about touch, isn’t there?  In fact, did you know that our sense of touch is the first sense that we develop – in the womb!  No wonder it is pivotal to our health and vitality. 

“In recent studies, researchers have shown how powerful touch is in emotional communication.  It’s nearly as effective as words and facial cues.  Touch can communicate multiple emotions – love, gratitude, sympathy, fear, anger – with incredible accuracy. 

Touch, when used in the AromaTouch Technique, is meant to unlock incredible benefits for mind and body.  From the emotional connection it forges to the release of oxytocin, the light and consistent touch of the technique creates a powerful experience.” ~ doTERRA magazine

When you couple touch with aroma, magic can happen.  Our sense of smell is another powerful way that we experience our world.  Think of how easily a simple aroma can stir memories.  The smell of a certain cologne or perfume brings us to a past love, the smell of pipe tobacco brings us instantly to a grandparent’s arms, while the smell of cinnamon may bring us to coming home after school to fresh cinnamon rolls. 

This amazing connection occurs because of something we have called the olfactory bulb.  The olfactory bulb is a neural structure in the brain that sends input to the limbic system.  Human biology has made the olfactory system the most subtle yet effective means of inducing specific and distinct responses.  This is why essential oils can so powerfully influence wellbeing.

So what does receiving an AromaTouch look and feel like?

I have honestly had people tell me that they felt like they were leaving the spa afterward!  I take great care in ensuring that you are warm, comfortable, and nurtured.  Because when we gift ourselves a treatment like this, that is what we are looking for – tending to, nurturing, and relaxation.

From the candle lit treatment room to the heated massage table, I want you to feel totally comfortable and at home.  My touch is tender yet confident, slow and methodical.  We work with 8 different doTERRA essential oils and blends to promote positive responses within the body relating to relaxation, supportive, soothing, and homeostasis.  The oils are systematically applied to your back with a series of effleurage movements working the oils into all areas of your back.  I then apply oils to the bottoms of your feet and use specific thumb motions to ‘press’ the oil into the skin – this feels divine and I have had more than one person fall totally asleep while I work on their feet.  The treatment then moves back to your back where we complete it. 

I really like to take my time giving this treatment so plan to be on the table for about 75 minutes. 

And that is AromaTouch!  I do hope to see you on my table soon!

Blessings to you as you remember your strength, beauty, and inner light.
Meriah Theresa