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crystal & essential oil essences

“A turquoise given by a loving hand carries with it happiness & good fortune.” ~ Arabic Proverb 

As crystals and essential oils have potent energies (think vibrational medicine), these vibrations can be easily transferred to water and used with intention to create a desired experience.

Each essence has been brought into existence with a particular healing or expansion in mind.  The essences have been set in prayer, gratitude, and purpose.

These essences are very light in scent.  They are made with the highest quality essential oils. We are working more with the vibration of the essential oil (and crystal), not necessarily the aromatherapy, although that will softly be present.

This particular batch of essences have been made with and under the May full moon known as the Flower Moon.  They were crafted outside in Nature, in a quiet, peaceful, and natural setting that is special to me.

Each purchased essence will include a small card with a suggested prayer to invoke the intended healing or use.  May you find expansion, light, and beauty under these magical mists.

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