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Menstrual Cycle Tracker

The first day of menstruation, the day your period begins, is known as Cycle Day 1.  Write down the current month in the box assigned to the word ‘Date’ and then fill in the current numerical date in the boxes to follow.

For example, if you start your period on June 14th, you would write June next to Date and the number 14 would go in the first box which also aligns with Cycle Day 1 underneath.

You can fill in the dates and cycle days for the entire tracker right away or fill them in each day when you record your other information.  It is also perceptive to draw which phase the moon is currently in when you start your period.  Use the Moon Cycle row for this.  You can draw in symbols for the full moon and the new moon as they correspond to the dates in the month.

Using the legend found at the bottom of your Menstrual Cycle Tracker, you can then go ahead and fill in the categories each day going forward.  While you are menstruating there are more categories at the bottom.

Continue tracking for the month.  When you get your next period, begin a new sheet and start the process over again.

Tracking in this way tells you important information such as how long your cycles are – are they more or less than 28 days?  You will also see how long your menstruation typically lasts as well as have other awareness to give you insight into the health of your period.

If you have any questions in regard to filling out your tracker please reach out to hello@meriahtheresa.com  and I will be happy to help!

Enjoy the process! It is often deeply insightful.

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