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angel presence – 60ml


The idea of creating a mist that could be used to invoke the presence and guidance of the angels was birthed when I first began reading oracle cards for clients.  I made a very basic mist with Angelica and witch hazel and I would use it ritually before doing a reading.  I loved the feeling of the gentle mist on my face and crown and I was immediately comforted as I knew my angels were with me and ready to work!

This simple mist has evolved into the beautiful and more complex essences that you find here today.

Angel Presence is where it began and is very special to my heart.  Rose and Frankincense now accompany Angelica to create an extraordinarily high frequency celestial harmony for you to surrender into.

Angelica is known as the “oil of angels” and actually has an affinity with Archangel Michael.  Rose, throughout history, has been associated with many miraculous and angelic encounters.  Frankincense too has a long history of being connected with increased spiritual awareness and promoting a meditative state.  Frankincense helps us to open our third eye, thus further strengthening our connection to the angels and to our spirit guides.

Petalite is sometimes known as the Angel Stone!  It has a strong pure vibration and enhances our connection to the angelic realm and divine consciousness.

May you find peace and unity with this essence.