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awaken the maiden


This bright and uplifting blend was created to embrace the fun and flirty nature of the Follicular phase, the phase we experience between menstruation and ovulation.  During this phase, our estrogen is building and we typically feel great – especially if we’ve given ourselves enough rest while we were menstruating.

After the quietness of our menstrual phase, we are now awakening and feel ready to re-emerge into the world!  Along with our hormones building internally, we are now ready to begin creating anew in our outer world.

  • Geranium helps to balance the hormones and lift the spirit out of the Crone energies of menstruation
  • Jasmine is a beautiful and seductive oil that is also known as “Queen of the Night”
  • Lemon promotes clarity of thought and purpose
  • Neroli encourages confidence, courage, and sensuality
  • Sandalwood helps to ease restlessness and is calming
  • Wintergreen increases awareness in all levels of the sensory system
  • 10ml bottle