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baltic birch yoni steam sauna


Our standard Yoni Steam Sauna is made out of sustainable Baltic Birch cabinet-grade plywood.  Birch plywood has a smooth, rich sheen making it beautiful wood to work with.  Birch plywood is commonly known for its strength and stability. Three or more layers of Birch are combined together to make a single sheet of plywood, reinforcing the strength of the original piece of wood. These beautiful fine layers are also aesthetically pleasing.  This results in a durable material that is perfect for this application of a seated yoni steam sauna.  Birchwood is smooth and not known to splinter or crack, making the plywood a safe choice for your delicate skin.

Birch trees are an abundant and fast-growing species that cause little devastation or destruction of biodiversity when cut down.  Birch is a sustainable, long-term choice that has little impact on our global environment.

Our saunas are made using dovetail or box joints and the bottoms are rabbited into the sides.  This type of joinery assures that these saunas are extremely durable.  The sauna lid is not attached with hinges, making it easy to remove and replace for cleaning or use.  Your box comes with four non-marring feet which prevents scratching on your floor.  Each box comes with elegant lifting handles and is hand-finished with food-grade finishing oil.

Dimensions:  15×15.5×16.5