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cleanse and protect – 60ml


Just as you cleanse and moisturize your face each day, you can also do this energetically for your spiritual wellbeing.  Think of it as cleansing away the dirt and debris of the day –other people’s energy, electromagnetic waves, even the news (everything carries energy) and sealing that lovely cleanliness in with a ‘moisturizer’ – protecting the beautiful clean energy within.

This powerhouse of an essence helps you to do just that.  Both Amethyst and Black Tourmaline are very cleansing and purifying stones and both of these crystals are protective.  However, Black Tourmaline actually forms a protective shield around the body, allowing love and light in while keeping negativity out.  Amethyst is also known to block negative environmental energies from entering your personal space.

These crystals combine with the essential oils of Palo Santo and Lavender.  Palo Santo means “holy or sacred wood” and actually works very well with your aura, clearing it of any negative energy.  It is also very useful for clearing space before ritual.  I’ve included Lavender in this blend to bring balance after shifting from one state to another.  Lavender is calming, relaxing, and reduces any mental stress you may have.