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evoke the enchantress


This blend is supportive to the Luteal phase, more commonly know as the pre-menstrual phase, or simply “PMS”.  When I work with women, this phase is commonly the one that many find the most challenging.  However, there are a great deal of gifts to be experienced during this phase!

There is a reason that this phase is associated with the Enchantress … I once heard a beautiful acronym for PMS that changed it to Powerful Magical Sorceress!  This is because our intuition is heightened during the later part of this phase.  Also, I know for me, it is during this phase of my cycle that I feel most  beautiful ~ like an Enchantress!

  • Angelica assists in the release of pent-up feelings, strengthens the aura, and helps us to connect with our angels
  • Bergamot provides hormonal support, calms us and relieves anxiety
  • Palmarosa creates a feeling of security while reducing stress and tension
  • Vanilla is a mood elevator as well as weakens stress and food cravings ~ it is an aphrodisiac
  • Ylang Ylang is a sensual oil that enhances spiritual attunement and also combats anger
  • 10 ml Bottle