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first period package


Moms ~ let’s give our daughter’s the gift of celebration for this important Rite of Passage of her first menstruation.  

This gorgeous package has been put together after compassionately listening to countless stories from women of my generation and older whose first period was – decidedly – a non-event, or worse; a shameful event.

When in fact, a girls first menstruation is a Rite of Passage and should be greeted and celebrated with joy and excitement!

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This package includes:

  • Daughter’s first yoni steam (with an option for Mom to also steam, complimentary!)
  • The Beauty of Your Menstrual Cycle (45 minute 1:1 teaching how to optimize your cycle with self-care practices for each phase)
  • ClaryCalm Touch, a beautiful doTERRA blend that can be applied to the lower belly during menstruation for relief of menstrual cramping
  • 3 cotton re-usable pads
  • Diva Cup, teen size
  • Lavender Flax heat pillow
  • Yoni Spa Retreat to use as mist throughout the month

Depending on both of your comfort levels, Mom is welcome to share the yoni steam experience.  You will each have your own sauna and your own blend of herbs.  Mom, this is completely optional and 100% complimentary should you choose to participate.

The Beauty of Your Menstrual Cycle is a condensed version of the adult class and is 45 minutes long.  This can be done over zoom or before the yoni steam session and again, Mom is welcome to participate.  There is so much information that we are not taught in school about our feminine cycle such as best period care practices, how our cycle can mimic the moon, how our hormones fluctuate throughout the month and how this can impact our life both positively and challengingly.  I will also teach you how to track your period with my Menstrual Cycle Tracker so you can tune in more deeply with your own body.

I look forward to being a positive contribution to your family and sharing the important milestone of First Menstruation!