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forgiveness – 60ml


Forgiveness is a cornerstone of our spiritual evolution.  It is an absolute key for our personal healing and transformation.  Often, if we are new to the practice of forgiveness for conscious healing, some people and/or situations can feel too big, too hurtful, or simply too much to forgive.  Please know that as long as you have a willingness to forgive, the Divine has ample support for us to succeed and to heal.

Ask the crystal angel of Rutilated Quartz and the plant spirits of Myrrh and Ylang Ylang, which are contained in this holy essence, to help your heart to forgive and release.   These beings are happy to help you.  Their pure high-frequency energy works with your willingness to forgive, bringing you peace while opening you to even more love and compassion.

Rutilated Quartz is known to promote forgiveness on all levels as well as aiding the releasement of negative energy and letting go of the past.  The sacred oil of Myrrh is associated with wisdom and forgiveness and I have included Ylang Ylang as it is an oil that promotes the releasement of anger.

This is a beautiful essence that can be added to a Full Moon forgiveness ritual, to a healing circle, or to use on an as-needed basis to keep your energy clear and light.