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inner sanctuary – 60ml


Inner Sanctuary

What does your inner sanctuary look like?  Is it a beautiful flower garden with singsong birds all around you? Or is it a deeply quiet and nourishing forest?  Maybe your inner sanctuary is by the sea, or a mountain meadow in the late Spring.  Or maybe it is inside a sacred dwelling lit with candles and smelling rich with incense.

Wherever your inner sanctuary happens to be, allow this ethereal essence of Kunzite and Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood to bring you even deeper and more fully into your place of rest and restoration.  The gentle crystal Kunzite radiates peace and tranquility while connecting you to Universal love.  Kunzite is a wonderful stone for meditation. Those who are just beginning a meditation practice can find it to be especially beneficial.  Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood helps us to listen to the wisdom from our Higher Self and is able to quiet mental anguish and chatter.

When we give ourselves time in meditation each day, we foster and nourish our own beautiful essence.

The simplicity of this essence adds to the potency of creating your Inner Sanctuary.