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labor preparation yoni Steam


Choosing to incorporate vaginal steaming as a part of your labor preparation can truly be an empowering experience. 

Yoni steaming is supportive to the three main components for an optimal birth experience:

  • Lubrication
  • Circulation
  • Relaxation

We work together to ensure that these three conditions are fully met; not only through the practice of steaming, but also with food choices and lifestyle choices including things like acupuncture and massage (referred out).

Your package includes three appointments with me that begin approximately 3 weeks before your due date.  You will receive handouts for all the information we discuss.  

Our first appointment is simply getting to know one another with an intake form. I will provide education including food and lifestyle practices to enhance the process of your relaxation, circulation, and lubrication prior to giving birth. Steaming does not begin before week 38.

This package includes herbs for 10 steams.

There is an option at the checkout to purchase and save by buying the Postpartum Package which includes a Baltic Birch Steam Sauna (save $130 when you purchase together!)