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love potion number nine – 60ml


Let the magic of these plants and crystals work their aphrodisiac alchemy on you and your lover!

As we get older and settle into our romantic relationships, well, sometimes that initial sexy spark can begin to diminish.  Making love becomes comfortable rather than thrilling.  And heaven forbid that intimacy is something to check off the “to-do” list each week … or month!

The word ‘potion’ brings back memories of being a child. I would spend hours diligently collecting ingredients from my mother’s kitchen and our backyard to create magic potions to use with my imaginary friends and animals.  Such fun!

As with this grown-up potion, much thought and intention went into its creation.  The sensual oils of Jasmine and Vanilla come together to create a subtle yet alluring draw.  Did you know that Vanilla has been used as a natural aphrodisiac for centuries?  Men and women alike seem to love this fragrant bean.  Jasmine, also known as “Queen of the night”, is a thick nourishing oil with a seductive scent.  Interestingly, it counteracts indifference and listlessness.  Davana is used here as an exotic aphrodisiac.

The crystals of Rose Quartz and Fluorite combine together to create feelings of both love and spiciness.  Rose Quartz is the epitome of the Love Stone if there were such a thing!  Romantic and gentle, it encourages unconditional love and harmony in yourself and in your relationship.  Fluorite is present to rekindle your libido!

Suggested use:  Lightly mist over one another’s naked body for a delightfully thrilling skin sensation!