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postpartum steam package with baltic birch sauna


Incorporating yoni steaming as a part of your postpartum recovery is a universal practice.  Women from around the world have traditionally used the gentle yoni steam to support their natural healing process and they still do presently.  The postpartum steam agenda that I work with is for the new Mother to steam for 30 consecutive days after giving birth.

There is a multitude of benefits reported while postpartum steaming.  Women have noticed:

  • Lochia clears more quickly (vaginal discharge after giving birth)
  • Toning of the vaginal canal
  • A lifting action that may encourage the organs back to their optimal position
  • A healthy period return

There are many other benefits for yoni steaming postpartum!  To learn more, please see my blog on The Benefits of Steaming Postpartum. 

This package includes our initial consultation;  depending on your timetable we can do the first half of the consultation prior to the birth and finish it after you’ve given birth.  This gives us a chance to get to know one another before your baby arrives and shortens the time spent in consultation post-birth.  However, if this does not work for you, we can most definitely do a one-hour consultation after you have delivered your baby.  This consultation time determines your blend of herbs and what set-up you will use.

A special note on postpartum steaming:  For the most beneficial experience of postpartum yoni steaming, it is recommended to begin your 30-day steam regime within the first 3-5 days after giving birth.  The exception is if you have had a cesarean delivery whereas your yoni steam regime will begin approximately 6 weeks later.

(Always consult with a certified practitioner to ensure postpartum steaming is not contraindicated before commencing any vaginal steam regime.)

That being said, Postpartum moms can still experience the benefits of beginning a yoni steaming practice up to two years after giving birth.  So, if you are just now finding out about postpartum vaginal steaming, please know that even if you’ve given birth months or even a year or two ago, you can still benefit greatly from the practice.

Your package includes a Baltic Birch steam sauna, which allows for comfort and ease while steaming.  When yoni steaming postpartum, it is very important to have your legs closed and using a sauna allows for this.

We have two 30-minute follow-up calls ensuring that you feel supported and connected.  These calls can be used to discuss progress, answer any questions or concerns, and simply touch base.  Generally, the first zoom call will take place one week after your first steam session and the second one will occur after you’ve finished your 30 days of steaming.

Your package includes the herbs that you will use to steam with for the first 30 days. Your package also contains a separate blend that you continue to steam with once per month until your menstruation returns.  Guidelines on using these herbs are included in your written report.  This detailed written report will also outline information pertinent to your unique delivery experience and postpartum recovery.   Everything you need to know to confidently steam in the comfort of your home will be included in the handouts.