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womb blessing – 90 min – in-person


Receiving a personal Womb Blessing supports you in expanding your self-acceptance, self-love & empowerment.  This energy healing session is for all women with or without a womb or a menstrual cycle.  Attunement helps you to walk your path of love and femininity in the world.  It encourages you to embrace and express your full power, beauty, love, creativity and sexuality of the woman that is within.

Each Blessing builds upon the previous Blessings, creating a journey of self-realization and personal growth.

The Womb Blessing is a direct vibration of Divine Feminine energy.  We begin the session with you seated comfortably in a chair.  I will guide the Womb Blessing energy to you through various hand positions and breathwork.  Your role is to simply relax, close your eyes, and receive.

The Womb Blessing raises your vibration and you will transition into a 28-day period of integration.  I provide you with handouts and recommendations to support yourself during this time.  Once the Blessing is complete, we have a small ceremony of drinking our Womb Blessing bowls of spring water to close the healing.

The second part of the session is the restorative Womb Healing.  I will have you comfortably laying down on my massage table with a Moonstone or Quartz of your choice.  I work with your three energy centers; the mind, heart, and womb to bring balance and rejuvenation.  While working with your womb space, I work directly with the four female archetypes that are already awake in your life but which may be depleted or blocked.  These four archetypes are commonly known as the Maiden, the Mother, the Enchantress, and the Crone but can also be representative of Freedom & Lightness, Love & Fertility, Magic & Sexuality, and Wisdom & Strength.

To conclude this deeply transformative session, we close by sharing an organic snack and having a cup of tea.  The practice of eating something nourishing helps to ground the energy while also providing us with an opportunity to share anything that came up throughout the session.