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womb healing – in person – 40 mins


Sometimes you are looking to simply feel nurtured and replenished.  The soft touch of a Womb Healing is the perfect choice.  Nurturing and supportive, it is ideal for a woman who cannot receive the Womb Blessing due to pregnancy or illness.  It is also supportive for young girls as they approach their first menstruation.

The Womb Healing may be thought of as a restorative treatment as opposed to the Womb Blessing as there is no integration or detoxification afterward.  It is used to heal the aspects of the four female archetypes that are already awake in your life but which may be depleted or blocked. These four archetypes are commonly known as the Maiden, the Mother, the Enchantress, and the Crone but can also be representative of Freedom & Lightness, Love & Fertility, Magic & Sexuality, and Wisdom & Strength.

During this peaceful session, I will ensure that you are completely comfortable while laying down on my massage table.  I will guide you to choose a Moonstone or Quartz to work with and then gently send energy to your three major energy centres; the mind, heart, and womb, bringing balance and rejuvenation.  We finish the session with grounding and you may keep the stone you chose to work with.