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yoni spa retreat – 60ml


This essence was made apart from the rest under the June full moon, known as the Strawberry moon.  I love this because the location I choose to make this essence was the same place that I made my Wild Rose flower essence and it happened to be right in the middle of a wild strawberry patch!

Yoni Spa Retreat also differs from the rest of my essences in that the spring water is infused with Wild Roses.  The Rose has long been associated with the Divine Feminine and is the perfect energy infusion for this elixir.

Moonstone was chosen as a crystal that is supportive of the feminine reproductive cycle.  In fact, Moonstone is the crystal I work with when I give Womb Healings.  It is filled with feminine energy.  Moonstone is also a stone of new beginnings and is a wonderfully supportive stone for beginning and sustaining your yoni steam practice.

Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Bergamot, and Geranium come together in beautiful merriment of aromatherapy to delight your senses as your sit over your warm steam.   Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood promotes a meditative state to listen to your own inner guidance.  Bergamot is mood-lifting and calming while providing hormonal support, and finally Geranium is a very feminine essential oil known to balance our hormones, improve premenstrual symptoms, and helps to regulate our cycle.

Suggested use:  Once you are comfortably seated over your steam, mist this essence over your head, face, throat, and chest and relax into your session.