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Comprehensive Yoni Steam Consultation (zoom)


During our 75 minutes one-to-one consultation, we will have an open and candid discussion of what is drawing you to yoni steaming.  I will lead you through a comprehensive questionnaire further shedding light on your current state of feminine health.  The questionnaire also establishes if there are current imbalances we want to work with.  These imbalances may or may not be related to your menstrual cycle.  As mentioned, yoni steaming is for every woman not just women in their menstruating years.

For my steaming clients who do not have a menstrual cycle, we will talk about helpful self-care practices that you can use throughout the month to keep your energy vibrant and flowing.  There are practices that can help you to realign your sacred feminine rhythm with the natural phases of the moon.  I can teach you how to do that.

For my steaming client who do menstruate, I will teach you things that they do not teach you in school, such as the best foods to eat while you are menstruating, handy essential oils you can work with, the best lifestyle practices while menstruating, as well as other ideas for pleasurable ways to embody self-care during this sacred time.

After our session is complete, I create a custom yoni steam regime for you.  This will explain when to steam, how long to steam for, and how often to steam.  I will recommend the best organic herb blend, unique to you (your herbs are included with your package).  I also explain the emotion-mind-body connection to any imbalance or condition that you are experiencing and provide you with helpful insights, affirmations and practices to lovingly give your attention where it is needed for healing.  This will be delivered to you via email along with any other handouts relevant to our session.

Email support to answer questions or concerns is ongoing.

Included with Session:  10 Steams

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