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roller blends

“Working with Mother Earth to bring healing & wholeness to all.”

~ Meriah Theresa

These roller blends were created to compliment, enhance and support the natural phases of our feminine cycle.  Each and every month we women ebb and flow in an innate rhythm with our hormones and with the moon.  

There are four notable phases that we pass through each month and each of them have gifts and strengths to draw upon.  Unfortunately, this is a new concept for many women as we are not taught about the magic of our menstrual cycle in school.  In fact, very often it is referred to in a derogatory term, such as ‘the curse’.  It is my heartfelt desire to continue to bring education and new understanding of our cycles to the women I work with.

These roller blends are a part of that teaching!  Each blend has been created with the specific strengths – and challenges – that come with each phase of our feminine cycle.  These phases are known as the Follicular phase, the Ovulation phase, the Luteal phase (otherwise known as the pre-menstrual phase) and the Menstrual phase.

Essential oils are our allies.  Essential oils are powerful.  They can help us not only on a physical level, but on an emotional and spiritual level as well.  Each oil has been carefully chosen to support and balance our moods, hormones, and general wellbeing in each phase of our feminine cycle.

Some great places to apply these roller blends include the wrists, behind the ears, on the upper neck area at the base of the skull, on the lower belly, or on the Kunlun Point, a powerful acupressure point for the reproductive system which is located between the ankle and the achilleas tendon.  Do not work with this point if you are pregnant as it can induce labor.

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